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highfinesse_net.protocol module

exception highfinesse_net.protocol.HighFinesseError[source]
class highfinesse_net.protocol.Protocol[source]

Protocol for the HighFinesse Wavemeter

async calibration(unit, value, channel)[source]

unit:<long>, value: <double>, channel: <long> units: physical interpretation of calibration value: use: 0 for wavelength(vac.) 1 for wavelength(air) 2 for frequency 3 for wavenumber 4 photon energy

async get_calibration_wavelength(mode)[source]

x: 0 || 1 x = 0 :function returns the result of calibration laser before

the last calibration;

x=1: the result of the same signal is returned concerning the

calibration effect

async get_exposure_num(channel, ccd)[source]

x: channel (1-8) y: CCD-Array (1-2)

async get_frequency_num(channel)[source]

channel: 1-8

async get_pid_course_num(channel)[source]

channel: 1-8

async get_version()[source]

“Device Type <int>, Version Nr. <int>, revision Nr. <int>, Software Nr. <int>”

async get_wavelength_num(channel)[source]

channel: 1-8

async set_active_channel(channel)[source]

channel: 1-8

async set_auto_exposure_num(channel, enable)[source]

channel: 1-8

async set_exposure_num(channel)[source]

channel: 1-8

async set_pid_course_num(channel, wavelength)[source]

channel: 1-8

async set_switch_mode(enable)[source]

channel: 1-8

highfinesse_net.tcp module

class highfinesse_net.tcp.TCP(reader, writer)[source]

highfinesse_net.wavemeter module

class highfinesse_net.wavemeter.Wavemeter(reader, writer)[source]

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